Is Palm oil really a suitable alternative to olive oil for deep frying?

The below article is nonsense as the unilateral view is only looking at heat stability.  If we were all guided by this we would all be frying with lard!

The health issues associated to higher saturated fatty acid oils like palm and the reduced number of minor components due to refining should be part of the picture.


If anyone actually could see the raw palm product (I went and found a pic for you), I doubt you would ever use this…. Yuck!

See the article in question:  Palm oil a suitable alternative to olive oil for deep frying, study shows :: FoodProcessing

Here is a video of Palm oil processing!


Here’s the proof you can fry in EVOO temperatures in Degrees Celcius…


Proof that you can fry in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from Snow Gum on Vimeo.



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