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Amanda Bailey on Olives is the official blog for The Olive Centre. The blog was started to house technical and reference articles to share our knowledge free to Olive Growers, Producers and Olive Oil Processors and Table Olive Processors.

About The Olive Centre

Australia’s leading supplier, The Olive Centre, specialises in supplying Equipment & Machinery for the needs of olive growers in Australia and other Major Olive Producing Countries.

Our product range comprises of equipment that is proven and tested with olives. You can be assured that all the hard work in determining our product range is through over 17 years of testing products in grove situations. The Olive Centre is not just about equipment & machinery supply but we are here to backup growers through technical advice and many free services that growers & processors rely upon.

About Author Amanda Bailey


1997 the year I stepped into the Olive World in Australia. Since then I have had the privilege of working with many specialists & researchers from all areas within the Industry from Australia and overseas. I am passionate about olives & our industry. I dedicate my work to enhance the production of groves through to commercial production.

As founder of The Olive Centre, I wanted to be able to take out much of the guesswork that growers face in the trialling of equipment for the application of their use in Grove. This is the area I specialise in today for proven Equipment, Machinery & Advice (including this blog with so many free articles).

To provide a One-Stop-Shop to all Olive Growers. I maintain a working relationship with well over 200 suppliers in order to bring the most up-to-date and cost effective equipment.

All our equipment & machinery has been trialled in the commercial application of olives and through this, our team at The Olive Centre hopes to help you achieve the maximum from your grove.

Only through working together can we achieve a viable industry.

Extended Bio

Amanda Bailey is an Industry Advocate who inspires and empowers Olive Growers, Producers, Consumers, Executive Chefs and Media about the virtues of Olives and Olive Oil.  Amanda is also the founder of The Olive Centre and focuses on delivering equipment, machinery and advice to thousands of producers predominantly throughout Australia, New Zealand, and other olive producing countries to help Olive Growers and Producers achieve the maximum from their grove resulting in efficiency & quality improvements. 

Her company, The Olive Centre, was founded in 2003 with a new direction and to maintain a strong focus of helping the industry to propel forward in a united way. “We offer supply of equipment and machinery but to give back to the industry with the various initiatives we provide which Growers and Producers rely upon”. 

The Olive Centre has our own independent conference series, Olive Exposium, which has successfully sold out each session and has been run in 2007 – 2017.  I have also conducted numerous field days in Canberra, Adelaide & Perth from 2004-2012 as well as the first Table Olive Conference in 2018.  Every event has been sold out. 

Amanda has travelled the world researching olives with international researchers and consultants in olive tree growing and management, olive oil & table olive production and machinery performance.  As a machinery specialist,  Amanda Bailey has taken The Olive Centre from strength to strength to maintain the leading role in Machinery and Equipment supply throughout Australia and gaining support from New Zealand, Malta, Jordan, USA and other countries which has enabled us to create supports which producers rely upon. 

Amanda under the auspice of The Olive Centre has also conducted the largest Australian landmark media and chefs event called FEVOO which stands for ~ Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience ~  which featured a charity auction raising $15,000 for a magnum containing the 3 top oils of that year called ‘Trio’ and would be one of the highest selling olive oils in the World.  Charity funds were donated to Stephanie Alexander for her Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation who teaches kids about the grassroots of growing produce and plating the food. 

Amanda Bailey entered the Industry in 1997 under employment of Ray & Delphine Archer who pioneered the Australian Olive Industry at that time through companies Olives Australia which had sold more than 10M trees. Amanda managed subsidiary company Olive Agencies, where she was positioned in the area of equipment & machinery supply particularly in Olive Oil Extraction.  She was also involved in the leading Olive Industry magazine at the time ‘Olive Grower and Processor Magazine’ and was involved in organising conferences, field days and events for the organisation through to 2002. 

Last year, Amanda Bailey was also a chief investigator who ran a pilot Australian government-funded project by the Department of Agriculture to look at Provenance in Olive Oils in Australia.

Amanda is a mother of two boys, Samuel (17) and Harrison (11), wife to James Bailey and out of the olive season a Moto Mum with a son who races Motocross with their own race team. 

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