How Extra Virgin Olive Oil may preserve your Brain Power

The study involved nearly 450 older adults divided into three groups. One group ate a Mediterranean diet plus a liter of extra virgin olive oil per week. A second supplemented the Mediterranean diet with 30 grams of nuts per day, including walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. The remaining participants followed a low-fat diet.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be added to your Dog’s Diet

Whether canine or human, if there are some unwanted pounds that need shedding, olive oil will help grease the weight-loss engine. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil actually encourage pound-melting by breaking down the fat inside fat cells, to get rid of belly fat and reduce insulin sensitivity.

Help, I have Black marks on the trunks on my olive trees, what do I do?

Hi Amanda,

Please help, we are based in the Hunter Valley and it appears that where moisture runs through the tree is where the problem is (see pictures). It doesn’t look like sooty mould but we had scale and olive lace bug issues. The trees are in urgent need of care. What is the black on the trunks and what do I do? P NSW

Water Calculation in Olives by Marcelo Berlanda

At the Australian Olive Conference, Geelong during October 2016, Marcelo Berlanda delivered a talk about Calculating Water for Olive Tree usage. His talk was cut short due to time constraints and this is the completion of that presentation.

Country of Origin Labelling Legislation Update

On 1 July 2016, the Australian Government introduced changes to country of origin labelling for food to provide clearer and more meaningful information to the Australian community about where their food comes from.

Fiorentina Bottle supply from Europe

Prices start at $1.18 + GST per bottle. The Olive Centre endeavours to have the best price for these high-quality bottles available to you at shipping rates. Many growers so far have said our prices are very competitive.