What is The Olive Centre App?

The Olive Centre has released the first App for smartphones designed at helping Olive Growers, Olive & Olive Oil Processors & Contractors in Australia, New Zealand and the International olive growing community.

The Olive Centre app can be used for some of the following scenarios:

  • You are in your grove and suddenly a light bulb moment arises and you wonder what the application rate on a chemical permit stated.  EASY now you can look at this section of the app whilst in your grove and access the information from your pocket.
  • Upon inspection of your grove, you can see that you have more fruit on your trees than anticipated… EASY now you can call The Olive Centre at the touch of a button to find a solution.
  • When about to start processing your olives you wonder what that starter recipe included … EASY the research papers are able to be downloaded and you can look this information in a jiffy.

There is so much more available with The Olive Centre App, here is an overview of some of the features:

  • ABOUT US  Contains an overview of how The Olive Centre can help you with your grove or processing operation.
  • DIRECTORY:  Contains information about how to contact services throughout the Olive Industry in Australia and Overseas.  Information like Sales Channels, Competitions, Food Shows, Contractors for Bottling, Harvesting, Pruning and Testing services, Processors and mores…
    • Search functions include ‘Location based search’ – enter in the kilometres or miles from your location to see which services are the closest to you.  Further, you can also do a;
    • ‘Keyword Search’ – where you can input any keyword to locate particular services.
  • Chemical Permits:  Contains a list of Chemical Permits as listed with APVMA.
  • Research:  Contains past research papers.  Download them for free.
  • Latest Articles:  Connect directly with our conversational blog.
  • Exposium news  Contains the latest information about what is happening at the Olive Exposium 15.
  • Video:  See a range of videos about olive oil, table olive production and much more.
  • Social media:  Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – Join our conversations on social media and use this to share through your existing channels.
  • Community  is a private chat room.  You can post pictures, talk with other growers, ask questions or brag about your award wins.  This is your space…
  • Plus much more…

Download The Olive Centre app from Google Play (Android) 0r Apple App Store (iPhone)


Here are directions how to login to the app:

At the bottom of this screen it says ‘Sign up Now’


Fill out the details as requested in the form below.  After you have finished entering all the details click on the below button to ‘Sign up’


Once you have pressed this an email will be sent for verification.  Press the verification link then you can open this screen again to login.
Type in your login and password as nominated.

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