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When fats and oils are heated they change, and as they do so they produce chemicals that may cause heart disease and cancerThe Toxic Truth about Vegetable Oil:  “When Dr Aseem Malhotra orders a lentil daal (pictured), he insists it is cooked in ghee, not vegetable oil. This is because vegetable oils can produce dangerous chemical compounds when cooked at high temperatures.”  Read more:  The Toxic Truth about Vegetable Oil

Extra virgin olive oil with a health claim:  “It is a valuable initiative that hopes to raise the bar for the promotion of olive oils with a health claim as a superfood to international markets. The aim is to promote the quality of extra virgin olive oil directly correlated with health benefits. The competition is the first international competition in the world that will give awards to oils that combine high health promoting and protective values combined with positive organoleptic characteristics”.  #oliveoil #olive #olivegrowing #health #extravirginoliveoil #healthclaims  Read more:  Extra virgin olive oil with a health claim

Dementia update: vegetable linkDementia Update:  Vegetable oil putting MILLIONS at risk of degenerative brain disease:  “Scientists claim the oil can cause plaque build up in the brain – a known precursor to serious neurodegenerative diseases. While this is also true of other oils, it’s more prevalent in vegetable oil according to Dr Catherine Shanahan”  Read more