The Objectives of Pruning Olive Trees by Marcelo Berlanda

The Objectives of Pruning  By Marcelo Berlanda, Agronomist & Consultant for The Olive Centre “It is a fact that to produce fruit, olive trees need to grow and produce new branches each year” Training helps give the tree the optimal shape to allow for efficient harvest as well as achieving early crops. Once the trees have…

Olive Tree Plant Pathology & Bio-security

If you have a strange happening in your grove and it is a task for Plant Pathology, please contact directly; Len Tesoriero is a plant pathologist who researches diseases of horticultural crops. He has a strong interest in protecting Australian horticulture’s biosecurity through accurate diagnostic support and surveillance for exotic disease threats. CONTACT DETAILS: Dr…

Help, I have Black marks on the trunks on my olive trees, what do I do?

Hi Amanda,

Please help, we are based in the Hunter Valley and it appears that where moisture runs through the tree is where the problem is (see pictures). It doesn’t look like sooty mould but we had scale and olive lace bug issues. The trees are in urgent need of care. What is the black on the trunks and what do I do? P NSW