Olive Tree Plant Pathology & Bio-security

If you have a strange happening in your grove and it is a task for Plant Pathology, please contact directly;

Len Tesoriero is a plant pathologist who researches diseases of horticultural crops. He has a strong interest in protecting Australian horticulture’s biosecurity through accurate diagnostic support and surveillance for exotic disease threats.


Dr Len Tesoriero
Senior Plant Pathologist, Bio-security Research

NSW Department of Primary Industries

PH:  02 4348 1944

FAX:  02 4348 1910

Email:  len.tesoriero@industry.nsw.gov.au

Website:   www.dpi.nsw.gov.au

NSW Department Primary Industries Logo

*** Please check with the lab for an up-to-date cost before sending your sample; it is around $150 + GST

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