A new innovation in Olive Oil Processing the THERMOSPEED

Whilst I visited Italy in November 2016 I got to see this new innovation being tested under scientific trial by the University of Bari.

The future of Olive oil processing is here very soon. Developments in this sector are set to take processing efficiency to a whole new level.

With the use of the THERMOSPEED, this device has the ability to speed up your olive oil extraction process by up to 50%.  This device accelerates malaxing thus reducing the time in this process meaning you can send the ready paste to the decanter.

So far trials of this innovation have shown no negative aspects of olive oil quality.  Research is still being conducted for the next 12 months.  Look out for this innovation which I am sure will more than likely be coming to a processing facility near you.

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If you would like to know more about how this device by Clemente SNC works, please contact Amanda:

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