Water Calculation in Olives by Marcelo Berlanda

At the Australian Olive Conference, Geelong during October 2016, Marcelo Berlanda delivered a talk about Calculating Water for Olive Tree usage.  His talk was cut short due to time constraints and this is the completion of that presentation.


About Marcelo Berlanda

Marcelo is an olive specialist & consultant to olive growers, producers, processors and agribusiness managers. He has worked for the largest olive groves in Australia since the inception of the Industry and has been involved in providing practical and cost-effective solutions in horticulture. He offers expert technical consultation and project management to help you minimise costs and maximise profits through effective grove practices and production techniques. He also has extensive experience in olive oil processing. Marcelo has held senior positions within the olive industry. He has also researched the olive growing regions of Australia, Argentina, Chile, California, Arizona, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain.

More about Marcelo: Click here

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