Olive Oil Skincare a success in the Asian Market

Find out how one Grower entered into the Asian market with their Australian Olive Oil Skin Care Range.

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How one Australian company used Tmall to crack the Chinese market

Based in Sydney, Olive Oil Skin Care Co is a premium all-natural skin care brand that gets its raw material from an olive grove in beautiful rural NSW.  With more than 110,000 olive trees producing almost half-a-million litres of extra virgin olive oil a year, the company has a strong focus on producing products that are natural and sustainable. “The same olive oil you ingest, we put into our products,” says Frank, “All our raw materials come from our farm and from there we put them into a range of products.” The farm is eco-friendly. No pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used and leaf litter is recycled as fertiliser.

Knowing their skin care products would be well suited to the Chinese market is one thing, but Frank and his partners would have had to spend a lot of money to establish their business there dealing with language issues, distribution and red tape.

Fortunately, Australia Post launched a global storefront on Tmall in 2015, acting as a bridge between Australian companies and Chinese consumers. Tmall, which is backed by Chinese giant Alibaba, invited Olive Oil Skin Care Co to apply to be a part of their online ecosystem, taking out a lot of the extra work.  Read full article here:    How one Australian company used T-mall to crack the Chinese market

Get set for a borderless future

With Asia proving a booming market for Australian products, local businesses have the chance to expand with a great online strategy

As SMEs get savvy with online retail, they need to think without borders. No longer are customers, staff or suppliers around the corner – they could be all over the world.

South East Asia is proving a developing market for Australian small businesses, as Frank Granziera, of Olive Oil Skin Care Co has experienced. The Olive Oil Skin Care Co launched in 2012, with its online store offering a range of soaps, body washes, candles and balms.

“We find that [international customers] buy our products at local stores [when visiting Australia] and when they go back overseas, they keep in contact through our website,” Granziera says.

“When we started, we were getting enquiries once a month. But now it’s two or three a day, asking us to send our products overseas.”  read full article here:   Get set for a borderless future – SmartCompany

Australia To Welcome Chinese E-Commerce Giant

The founder of the Australian Olive Oil Skincare brand, Frank Granziera, told Smart Company he already uses Tmall to sell a portion of his stock, and believes the establishment of an Alibaba Australian office will be good for local retailers.

“I do think it will help exposing Australian products quite a bit.

“When you’ve got a company with the persuasive powers of Alibaba along with you, it overcomes a few hurdles [when trying to crack the Chinese market],” he said.

But for Mr Granziera, the sudden increase in sales isn’t the only advantage to trading on the Chinese e-commerce platform, it also “gains you more exposure”.

“What we find is that very often our products are exposed on Alibaba to Chinese consumers, but then you’ll find they talk to their relatives in Australia and their relatives in Australia buy our products too.

“Now we are finding many local enquiries from the local Chinese community,” he said.

Alibaba’s current managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Maggie Zhou, said in a statement that Australia is recognised in China for its high-quality organic goods, such as health and nutrition, fresh foods and baby products.

“These categories are among our top selling international product categories, and are sought after by many consumers in China.

“We are committed to work with Australian merchants to continuously expand the range of product selection to better serve the needs of Chinese consumers,” she said.

With major brands like Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and Nature’s Way already on board, the opening of the Australian headquarters may encourage other popular companies to follow suit. Read full article here:  Australia To Welcome Chinese E-Commerce Giant

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