Feral Olives and what to do?

18/11/18 – Hi Amanda,  What can we do to get our olive growers to control the huge number of wild olive seedlings growing on the roadsides and waterways
As I drive around our state I see dozens of wild olive seedlings growing in the adjoining areas to our olive groves. They are spreading like weeds and if we don’t take some responsibility for them we will have caused the spread of one of the worst environmental weeds imaginable.

Our olive grower associations should be encouraging our growers to grub out the seedling on all public land near their groves.

Are you able to help spread the need for this action by our olive grower associations and our growers?
Yours sincerely,
Received via email 18/11/18

Feral European olives are a major pest plant in native vegetation where they displace native species and degrade fauna habitat.

The oil-rich trees burn with great heat and are a significant hazard in bushfires.

Feral Olives are a declared plant under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 (NRM Act).

Cultivated trees, planted and maintained for use, are not declared.

Local birds consume the fruit and spread seeds into bushland where Feral Olive Trees emerge and invade and destroy local vegetation.

Feral Olive Trees also cause problem with extra pressure from pest & disease for commercial producers.

Here is some information about Feral Olive Control

A trial for reducing costs of controls:  Cheaper control method shows promise

Photo Credit: Natural Resources SA


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