How to save money on your Glass Olive Oil Bottle packaging

A packaging revolution has been started by The Olive Centre.  We are on a quest to save you money with high quality packaging for Olive Oil.  Here’s an overview of our consolidated shipping service for glass bottles and caps…

What is a consolidated shipping service?

The ideology behind this service is to bring all Olive Growers in the Industry scale of economy that larger growers have!  The minimum order is one pallet and you get the shipping price.  What we find is that even though you may be ordering more units than you usually would, over the complete order that you save compared to where you have been buying bottles from now!  We have had growers in the past say their packaging was three times the price of what we were offering in the shipment.

Why join the consolidation when ordering your bottles 

Although this is a relatively new service, we understand that some of you may still have carry over stock till you can switch to using our bottles.  Consolidated bottle shipments can take a while to set in place.  Shipping can then occur which can take approximately 30 – 45 days depending on which port in Australia goods are scheduled for delivery.  At the outset we cannot guarantee a date of delivery.  However, the reason why we bring you this service is to save you money on your packaging.

What types of bottles can I order?

Bottles available:

Square – Marasca style:  250mL, 500mL, 750mL & 1,000mL available in the following colours:

  • Dark Green – no brown hue in the glass colour
  • Antique Green – has a brown hue in the glass colour
  • Flint – clear

Round – Dorica Style:  250mL, 500mL, 750mL & 1,000mL available in the following colours:

  • Dark Green – no brown hue in the glass colour
  • Antique Green – has a brown hue in the glass colour
  • Flint – clear

What types of Closures do you have available?

How many bottles per pallet?

  • 250mL – 2362 bottles per pallet
  • 500mL – 1360 bottles per pallet
  • 750mL –  945 bottles per pallet
  • 1000mL – 600 bottle per pallet
  • *** Numbers on pallets can vary.

What if I still have carry over stock?

If you contact our office and let us know when you may be looking to reorder, we will place a tentative order in our system.  We are able able to list a tentative date with us.  Even though we cannot give you an exact time frame at the outset of the order, we can keep up with the consolidation even if you need your order 6 – 12 months in advance.  You are able to check the status below or by calling us on 07 4696 9845.

If you would like to place an order under this arrangement, please contact us and we are able to place a tentative order for you which we will keep with the other consolidated orders until our shipment is full.  At this time you will be advised before we finalise the exact quantity and we are able to give a tentative date for turn around for you. A deposit will be requested at this point to confirm your order.

What if I need a specialty bottle or a special molded bottle for our own grove?

We even offer a service to provide specialty bottles from Europe and also have the option to mold up bottles based on volume.


Please contact our office on 07 4696 9845  or

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