ANNOUNCEMENT: Warehouse in Sydney for growing needs in Olive Packaging

Over the past 12 months, The Olive Centre has a signed a new partnership agreement with a warehouse in Sydney to offer packaging supplies for predominantly glass bottles and cans.

“We explored a new warehouse as a potential option because we wanted to achieve better freight rates, overall competitively priced packaging through better efficiencies and improved delivery times for Producers.  We believe we have been able to deliver all these key objectives through improved efficiencies from delivery of packaging directly from the Manufacturer to the Producer.  The Olive Centre now also owns some of the moulds to the new packaging on offer.   We started the packaging revolution to attempt to overhaul pricing in the sector for anyone supplying the Olive Industry quite some years ago and since that time we have seen the general cost of packaging reduce across the board.   This is a great step in the right direction to reduce Growers costs to deliver an even more competitively priced packaging.  We would like to thank producers for their continued support and we have seen a tremendous growth in packaging demand over this time.”  Amanda Bailey, CEO The Olive Centre

Shipments of packaging are directed through the warehouse which greatly reduces freight costs and delivery times.

The Olive Centre is also able to deliver directly into Perth and it is foreseen shipments in the near future could be sent directly to Melbourne and Adelaide under new arrangements being explored now.

If you have a need for packaging into the future, please contact The Olive Centre to ensure we can have the stock when you need it.


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