What causes bark splitting in olive trees?

Help me, the bark is splitting severely on my olive trees….

The fungal disease Armillaria is responsible for the “white rot” root disease.The Armillaria fungus damages the root system.The fungus survives in the soil until the infected root breaks down. Characteristic white fan-shaped mycelial mats can be seen growing on the wood when the rotting bark is peeled back. Freshly infected roots have a strong mushroom smell. The wood of infected roots is rotted by the fungus, becoming either white and powdery or wet and jelly-like with black bands.

The olive tree images from your grove appeared to symptoms associated with wetwood. Disease caused by bacteria -bacterial wetwood or disorder wetwood difficult to say without testing samples.

The foul-smelling and unsightly seepage of sap from the trunk of shade trees is commonly called slime flux or wetwood.  Several bacteria are associated with wetwood.  Wetwood-infected tissue slightly alters the strength properties of the wood. However, it inhibits the development of wood-rotting fungi, which are unable to grow in the affected wood because of lower oxygen content. Wetwood also causes warpage and splitting problems when boards cut from affected trees are dried.

Poorly drained soils will limit oxygen availability and lead to rapid plant decline. Even small periods of waterlogging or “wet feet” can predispose trees to root rot and other disorders that affect tree growth and survival.

One plant pathologist I spoke with,  recommended to fix the drainage and fertilise.   Nitrogen should be applied because as a component of chlorophyll (the green pigment in leaves), and is associated with important tree functions such as growth, leaf production.

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