What are these blemishes or marks on my olive fruit?

I’ve just received these photos in the mail from a grower in VIC and located South of Melbourne.

GROWER QUESTION: What are these marks on my olive fruit?


I’ve been out on my grove in the last week and noticed these blemishes/spots on my fruit. I’m not sure what this is but these appeared on my fruit last year as well. There hasn’t been anything that I’ve noticed in our grove that could contribute to this problem. The time I checked the fruit before this inspection were perfect and now this. We’ve only experienced heavy rain and strong winds and no hail. Please let me know what you think?


The results are inconclusive...  after checking with a number of researchers/agronomists and olive doctors; the consensus of what may have caused this problem is either likely to be Hail Damage, Strong Winds and heavy rain combination beating at the trees, Nutrition or possible but unlikely to be Bird Damage. Most likely to be environmental.


This sort of problem has happened with other growers,  here is an example of what the fruit looked like the damage is more severe: This grower located in NSW has stated that this problem exhibited on fruit all over the tree and subsequently was over the entire crop of Manzanillo & Frantoio. A soil test had been taken at the time but showed only slight corrections were needed. As recalled, there was a light hail storm but is not convinced that this problem was caused by hail.


Please join in the conversation if you have experienced this problem.

If you have any issues with the health of your olive fruit or olive trees, please feel free to send photos or samples?

For information, these links may help with Pest & Disease issues:

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