How to filter large volumes of Olive Oil?

We often have some Growers contact us with clarity issues in their oil; in our opinion, there are two options for dealing with high volume commercial quantities of olive oil:

1. Use Enzyme – we recommend using either Pectinex Ultra or NZ33095. Many Growers don’t realise when using enzymes it does help with oil clarity as the paste is broken down better.

2. Use a High Volume Filtration Unit: Some of our largest producers in Australia are having great success with our MAH2 Diatomaceous Earth Filter. There are two capacities, the MAH2 which offers a filtration capacity of up to 2,000L/hr or the MAH4 unit which give up to 4,000L/hr olive oil filtration.


Please note: Filtering freshly produced olive oil is much more complicated than filtering say a 3-month-old olive oil. This is due to the high particle and humidity that is found in all olive oils. To compensate for this, it is advisable to take into account to reduce throughput rates by about half the filtration capacity as stated on some equipment.

See more about Filtration:  MAH2 Diatomaceous Earth Filter

See more about Enzymes: Pectinex Ultra or NZ33095



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