Power requirements for an Olive Oil Extraction machine

Have you assessed the power requirements of the olive oil machinery you are considering?  Do you have single or three phase power?

The answers to these questions can be relatively straightforward or difficult and/or costly.  Here we look to find a solution to power your machine.

Typically, we start with your Electrician or Energy Power provider.  They should be able to ascertain the size of the transformer you have in relation to the power needed.

You may find yourself in one of these Scenarios:

Scenario 1:  I only have Single phase but need the capacity of a Three-phase powered processing machine?

In this circumstance, if your Single phase power source is ample you may be able to have a converter fitted to your single phase electrical supply.  There are different brands of converters.  However, not all of them with work with the electronic equipment fitted to your machine.  There are 2 reliable sources of units that have been installed for use with Processing machinery:

Polyphaz:  http://www.polyphaz.com/

Scenario 2:  I don’t have quite enough power.  What options do I have?

In this situation, you may be eligible for a transformer upgrade. This option can be explored through your Electrician or Energy Company.  You will need to call them to ascertain if this is possible.

Scenario 3:  I have assessed my power requirement and it is going to cost a small fortune to have the power run to where I need.

If you haven’t been able to fit a converter then your second port of call might be a generator.  It is important to match the size of the generator accurately.  The Olive Centre is able to provide further details about generators.  You might decide to purchase or hire a generator throughout the season(s).  A great source of contact for generators is Macfarlane Generators who have worked with many producers:   http://www.macfarlanegenerators.com.au/

Still, have Questions?  Contact The Olive Centre for assistance.

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