Sumi-Alpha Flex to deliver fast knockdown of Olive Lace Bug

Many growers have been contacting me about their ongoing problems with Olive Lace Bug.  Outbreaks and populations of Olive Lace Bug have been found in areas where they never have been seen before.

These cases of Lace Bug attack can be difficult to control, particularly when the pest is so persistent.  A product called Sumi-Alpha Flex by Sumitomo-Chemical will soon be available for use (under permit) against Olive Lace Bug.

Sumi-Alpha Flex is a broad-spectrum synthetic pyrethroid.  Whilst pyrethroids are known to disrupt beneficials the chemical is not persistent and therefore you find populations of beneficials starting to move back into the grove in a relatively short time (past working with other crops indicates around 2 weeks).  Producers are encouraged to always promote IPM, but when Lace bug populations reach the levels where chemical intervention is required, we can safely assume that IPM has not been effective in preventing the outbreak.  Sumi-Alpha will rid of the immediate Lace Bug problem, whilst allowing for the gradual return of beneficials to the grove.

Sumi-Alpha Flex is considerably cheaper than all its predecessors for control of Olive Lace Bug.  So your costs should dramatically reduce to keep this pest at bay.

The Olive Centre has partnered with Sumitomo-Chemical in order to provide a low-cost solution to Industry.  The Olive Centre is able to deliver Sumi-Alpha Flex to you from WA, SA, VIC, NSW & QLD to your door.

Application of this product is recommended as per Directions for Use on the label and any questions should be directed to our office 07 4696 9845.

Approval from the APVMA is approved for use with Sumi Alpha Flex in the control of olive lace bug… Read more


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