Tips for Blending Olive Oil

An example of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics
An example of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Characteristics

Extra Virgin Olive Oils should have a perfect aroma, flavour and colour.

However, this does not mean that all oils should taste the same. There are many factors which can affect the enormous range of characteristics of olive oils.  Some of which are dependent on methods you use in your grove which include climatic growing conditions, soil & nutrition, irrigation and age of the olive tree.  Also the handling of oil by the packer or processor personnel, type of crushing/milling available from  your extraction machine, malaxing time and temperature and post extraction handling are contributing factors which will affect the varying characteristics from varietals which later may be used for blending.

Firstly, you must be able to identify the characteristics in your olive oils to determine which oils are going to suit the type of blend you wish to achieve for your customers/market.  You may also have different blends for different customer demands.  What is your consumer wanting?

Below is an example of some of the sensory characteristics of olive oil.  An Organoleptic Panel can help you identify and even recommend which oils may give you the best result possible.

Let’s get blending…

Here are some tips for blending oils…

  • Describe the aroma and taste of the varietal oils you have available to blend.  Styles vary from very sweet and mild to very bitter and pungent.
  • Oils also vary in how peppery a taste they have and it is often incorrectly assumed that good olive oil should be very peppery.
  • Select the best varietal oils that are available for blending.
  • Decide on the style, aroma and taste you are trying to achieve through blending.
  • Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oils to achieve the aroma, flavour, consistency and differentiation that will help to make your product the market leader in its category.
  • Blending can help to achieve a more consistent product.
  • There are excellent oils in all styles and the choice is a matter of personal preference.  Make sure the blend will suit what your customer(s) require.
  • Experiment with small amounts of oil until you achieve your correct recipe for success.
  • Get the latest tasting wheel

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