Factors to Consider for Establishing a New Olive Grove

smalltree2_web“Get the right advice the first time as this will save you time and money for years to come”

Planting an olive grove is not about digging holes in the ground than sitting back, watching and waiting.  Your preparation is fundamental to successful production!

So here are our 5 factors to consider before you consider to establish your Olive Grove:

1.  Why are you starting a grove?

  • Is it for business, lifestyle or a combination?  What is your plan? i.e. What do you want to achieve?

2.  Site Selection… When choosing a property to plant your grove, ask yourself…

  • Are the climate and soil suitable for growing olives?  How far away are your nearest contract processor and other service providers?
  • Is the property, existing trees and facilities accessible to contractors?
  • Is water available?
  • Is there room for future expansion?
  • When choosing an existing grove – Is the grove producing?  If not, do you have the budget/means of turning it around?

3.  Table Olives or Oil?

  • This is an important question that will help you choose varieties, employ pruning techniques and tree spacing for your circumstances.  Consider:  What is your potential consumer demand for table olives or oil?

4.  Varietal Selection:

  • Variety suitability is fundamental to your groves’ success.  Choose varieties that will succeed in your environment.  (i.e. Some varieties are more frost tolerant, some are intended just as table olives while others are for oil and each is considered to have its own unique characteristics).
  • When looking at existing groves, ensure you know what varieties are planted.

5.  Tree Spacing

  • Even at this stage, it is important to think about how you will harvest your future crop as this can affect how you space your trees.  See the harvesting section of our website for more information.

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