The importance of Boron & Calcium in Olive Trees

In the lead up to flowering, you need to ensure your trees have adequate nutrition, particularly of Boron and Calcium.  A lack of Boron and Calcium may lead to decreased fruit set, oil quality and oil stability.

The application of Boron and Calcium can never be overstressed.  It is a requirement for your trees.

In Brief

A study on olive trees has looked at different application rates of Boron and Calcium and the effects on fruit set, fruit oil and oil chemical characteristics.

The rate of 100ppm of Boron and 2% Calcium was applied at full bloom and the 2nd application at 15 days later.  Trees were sprayed with nutrient solution till run off.

Fruit Set %

Trees in this study showed a higher fruit set.  Results also confirm the role of Boron and Calcium nutrients in improving fruit set of olive flowers.

From the overall data, the two studied nutrients effectively increased fertilisation either through controlling pollen germination on the stigma or growth of pollen tube through the style.  Therefore, the subsequent increase in fruit set % was observed.

Fruit oil %

Furthermore, the effects could also be seen in increased fruit oil content.  This increase reached a significant level in most cases.

Oil Chemical Characteristics

Peroxide Value

The study of the application of Boron and Calcium at the same rate noted above greatly decreased the peroxide value in the cultivars studied.

If you would like to read the full paper, please Press to view article

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