GROWING OLIVES: Research confirms importance of right Olive Oil Storage

When it comes to oil storage you need to consider the impacts on quality in relation to the proposed storage to be used.

This article is about some of the latest research as funded by RIRDC to determine the best storage for your oil.

Remember just because a manufacturer states the container(s) are food-grade doesn’t necessarily mean they are safe to use for olive oil.  (All the containers used in this study were regarded as “Food Grade”).

Here is an excerpt from the article:

For example, sometimes growers produce oil with very high quality initially, which quickly deteriorates due to the conditions under which it is stored, he said.

The olive oil can deteriorate so much that it can no longer be classified as extra virgin olive oil, at a huge expense to the growers.

The changes in oil quality described in this report will encourage producers, as well as others in the supply chain of olive oil, to consider the facilities used to store olive oil in order to maintain the high-quality olive oil Australia is increasingly renowned for producing.

Read the article here…. Storing olive oil – Local News – News – General – Town and Country Magazine.

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