Nanoemulsions with Olive Oil extend the shelf life of Rainbow Trout

TURKEY:   Aquaculture has arisen as one of the most promising and rapidly growing industries, providing nutritious, high-quality animal protein and providing income and employment around the world.  With a product of such economic importance extending the shelf life is essential.  Fish farmed in aquaculture typically spoil very quickly due to their rich unsaturated fatty acid content.  Aquaculture in Australia is the country’s fastest-growing primary industry, accounting for 34% of the total gross value of the production of seafood.

Thus these research findings may provide synergies for Olive Industry to consider opening up new markets.


The function of nanoemulsion on the preservation of rainbow trout fillet


The latest research in Turkey has delved in to investigate the effects of nanoemulsions prepared with various concentrations of olive oil on the sensory, chemical and microbiological quality of rainbow trout fillets.

The results showed that the shelf life of rainbow trout fillets were determined as 10 days for the control, 12 days for tween 80 group, 14 days for the 15% olive oil nanoemulsion group (O15) and 16 days for both 30% (O30) and 45% olive oil nanoemulsion groups (O45). It was determined that the use of olive oil suppressed the fish smell and improved the organoleptic quality of fish fillets, extending shelf life. Best sensory results were obtained from O30 and O45 treatment groups. The use of nanoemulsion had a positive effect on the biochemical parameters (TVB-N, PV, FFA, TBARs, and pH), as well as inhibiting bacterial growth compared to the control group. Among nanoemulsion groups, the lowest bacteria content was found in the O45 group. As a result, O30 and O45 treatment groups can be recommended for the preservation of fish fillets.

Authors: Mustafa Durmuş, Yesim Ozogul, Ali Rıza Köşker, Yilmaz Ucar, Esmeray Küley Boğa, Zafer Ceylan, Fatih Ozogul

Research:  Journal of Food Science and Technology

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