Infaco Wireless System Wins International Award at SIVAL 2019 As A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Pruning Safety Technology

Infaco has released the DSES Wireless Safety Pruning System which is a new innovation released after a 3-year field trial.  The DSES System has now won a Gold award at SIVAL Innovation 2019 in France.GOLD at Sival Innovation International Competition

The DSES WIRELESS* system is a new safety device to protect users of electric shears from cuts.  The device instantly responds to any contact with the skin or a conductive glove.  Invented and patented by INFACO and its partners, this WIRELESS system protects any part of the user’s body coming into contact with the shears’ cutting head: for MAXIMUM SAFETY and ERGONOMICS!

After 25 years at the forefront of the anti-cutting safety business, the INFACO company is now the first manufacturer worldwide to design and sell electric shears featuring an anti-cutting safety device; until now, users were required to wear a glove wired to the shears’ control box.

Infaco Electrocoup Wireless DSES System Wins International Award
Upon the secateur touching the skin of the user the safety system activates and makes the unit unusable for the time the unit is in contact with the skin.  See the red indicator light on the secateur.  Electrocoup F3015 Wireless DSES System Wins International Award for french company Infaco.

With the next generation of the DSES WIRELESS* system, operators no longer need additional equipment: no glove, no wire! A conductive trigger (patented system) connects the user’s body to the electronic system in the shears. The latter detects any contact between the cutting head and the operator’s skin.  When this occurs, the system immediately initiates the re-opening of the shears’ blades thus avoiding an accident.

If DSES WIRELESS* users wish to wear protective gloves in cold weather, the system requires non-matching INFACO conductive gloves be worn on the hand holding the shears (little wear) and the hand holding the wood to be cut.

To prevent users from getting hurt, INFACO is intent on making the DSES WIRELESS* safety system available to as many customers as possible.  It has undergone trial in Australia and is available now.

The goods news is that in about March 2020, INFACO will be releasing an upgrade “wireless kit” for the existing F3015 users.

*Additional wireless electronic safety device

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See video of the new DSES Wireless system in use:

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