Olive Oil benefits in keeping you healthy

Olive oil is known to be rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E. It also helps to bolster the immune system and help protect you against viruses. It has also been documented to be effective in  fighting against a list of diseases and health hazards such as:

  • High Blood Pressure:  Regular consumption of olive oil can help decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • Diabetes: Having a diet rich in olive oil has been demonstrated and tested as an effective approach for diabetics. As olive oil is low in saturated fats, moderately rich in carbohydrates and soluble fibre from fruit, vegetables, pulses and grains, it helps a diabetic to lower the “Bad” low density lipoproteins hence improving blood sugar control and enhances the insulin sensitivity.
  • Obesity: Though olive oil is high in calories it has been shown to help reduce the level of obesity.
  • Heart Disease:  Olive Oil lowers levels of blood cholesterol which may lead to heart disease.
  • Osteoporosis: High consumption of olive oil helps to improve bone mineralization and calcification. It aids in calcium absorption and so plays an important role in aiding sufferers and in preventing the onset of Osteoporosis.
  • Alzheimers:  Which is associate with the clogging of arteries caused by cholestrol and saturated far. Hence replacing other fats with olive oil reduces the risk.

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