So what are enzymes and what are they responsible for?

FACT:  Enzymes are responsible for the softening of the olive during maturation.

FACT:  Enzymes that are used in the extraction process are the same as in the fruit.

Industrial Enzymes have been used for fruit juice production for many years.  As Olive Oil is the fruit juice of the olive the same basic principles could also be applied.   The more enzymes that are activated during malaxing the faster and more efficient the malaxing process will be.  Also, as the breakdown of the paste is more complete with the extra enzyme activity you will also find that the free oil can not only be seen quicker but there are heightened Organoleptic characteristics in the oil.  Higher polyphenol levels also bring greater stability.

Once enzymes have carried out their job there are no traces found in the resultant oil.  (The enzymes have a lipophobic character meaning they are not oil absorbing).


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