Why every grower should ask their olive processor to use Enzymes?

Did you know that all Olive Oil is Enzyme extracted?

Olive Oil is said to be the fruit juice of the olive.  96 – 98% of the oil is found in the flesh (mesocarp) and skin (epicarp).  The remaining oil is found in the pit (endocarp).  The majority of oil is located in the vacuoles but the bound oil (in the cytoplasm) is not accessible by mechanical extraction means and is therefore lost in the waste.

During the extraction process the natural endogenous (naturally occurring) enzymes (among others i.e. pectic, cellulosic and hemicellulosic) activate the paste during malaxing and hence the cell wall is broken down and your oil floats on top of the paste.  Depending on the fruit at the time of harvesting depends greatly on how well the enzyme naturally releases, thereby having great effect on your resultant outcome.

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