When pruning with a saw why use a Straight or Curved Blade?

ibukibladeI’ve been working in the horticultural equipment industry and it is amazing a number of times you see the wrong tools being used for the job.  It ends up that a grower may not be comfortable using the equipment and not get the efficiency from the tool.  Today we are going to look at Pruning Saws.  Of course, we have a range of Pruning Saws and you will notice that some have a straight blade and some have a curved blade.  Why do they make them because one is better than the other?  … no…

Let’s look at the reasons why you would use one over the other

Straight blades are designed to have a reach between say your hips and around your head height.  When you place the blade into the tree you will notice that the action of your arm is also forward to back and feels quite comfortable when you do this action within the range of the tree.

Curved blades, however, are designed for work where to you need to reach up into the tree or below the waist.  If you prune material between the range of straight blades  (i.e.  hip to head height region) then you tend to automatically sway or curve the saw to meet the curvature action of the blade.

So there you have it!  We recommend if you have a grove then you need two types of saws on hand; one straight and one curved.

HANDY TIP:  Remember most of the saws available today are in fact what I call ‘Pull saws’ which means they make their cut on the pulling action of the blade.  You shouldn’t push or force the blade forward when pruning as this does nothing and makes the work much harder.

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