Can Olive Lace Bug defoliate olive trees?

Hi Amanda,
About our recent phone call to sort out our issues with our trees. Just thought I would send you some photos of my trees at Temora. Not sure if they are past help or not, certainly very sad. Spent yesterday modifying my paddock spray boom to spray trees. It looks as though it may work. A.H, NSW.
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Olive lace bugs are sap-seeking insects that feed on the underside of leaves. They cause a yellow mottling to the leaves surface, which usually turns brown and drops off. They can cause severe loss of energy, defoliation and reduced fruit yield.

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  1. Natalie Cassells says:

    Hi Amanda
    I have discovered a small infestation of lace bug in our trees Frantioio in Maleny Qld. We have approx 800 trees all under 12 months old . I have treated them with carbryl to manage the immediate pest problem. I have lost 3 trees but still have evidence of lace bug . Would very much appreciate your suggestions and I would love to meet you to learn more

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