Discussion smoking point of olive oil…

Smoke point is the temperature at which oil shows a visible and continuous veil of visible smoke?

The reason it does this is because the fatty acids break away from the glycerol as the oil is heated. Glycerol then goes through a transformation to form acrolein (it loses H2O). Free fatty acids can also be part of the smoke.

Smoke points in any oil will vary from around 230C to 93C for oils with free fatty acid contents of between 0.01% to 100%. i.e. the higher the free fatty acid the lower the smoke point.

Smoke points don’t really relate to grades of olive oil although obviously refined oil has very low FFA and EVOO has more. Lampante has a lot and therefore a low smoke point.

Because all oils are made up of triacylglycerols, they all undergo the same reaction of hydrolysis of their free fatty acids and then dehydration of the glycerol. Therefore, almond seed oil is similar to argan oil.

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