How to remove sap build-up residue from Saw Blades and Secateurs?

The teeth on Silky Saws are like super sharp little chisels that are dragged across the surface of a branch with each chisel taking a bite out of the wood it is cutting.  Using Japanese ingenuity, saws cut on the pull stroke and to stop the saws binding they developed a process that is called among other things, taper or hollow grinding.  What they did was get a big round grinding stone and ground their saw blades so the thickest part of the blade was at the teeth and it tapered into the middle of the blade and then thickened slightly to the top of the blade. This meant that the blade was thickest at the teeth, less thick at the top and thinnest in the middle. The grinding technique produced a saw that allowed a thinner saw to cut through a branch quicker, without binding.

When you cut green wood with a Silky Saw or pruning saws and Secateurs, you are going to get sap on the blade area. The more you cut, the more sap you are going to get a build-up of and it’s most noticeable in the middle (from top to bottom) of the saw blade.   Remember how the middle of the blade is the thinnest part of the blade.  It is easier for the sap to stick there as it isn’t being rubbed against as much.  So that night, you put the saw back in the scabbard and pick it up again the next day and do some more pruning and shaping of trees and bushes.  Overnight the sap dries and hardens and is easier for the sap to stick to the blade again the next day…  so the process continues.  Soon you think your saws are getting blunt because it is much harder than when you first purchased to cut through a branch.   With all the sap build-up, you are trying to pull a blade through a cut that is now thinner than the blade with its sap build-up.

What is the Solution?
The solution is 2 minutes of TLC for your saw blades at the end of the day with the Saw Cleaner solution. This anti-bacterial organic oil spray based on Tea Tree Oil is the solution for removing sap from Saw blades and sticky substances.   We use it, we swear by it and we have used it to make sap-covered Saws and Secateurs look and cut like new again.   
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